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Mon - Fri: 3:30 p.m. - 8 p.m.
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Music Lessons & Studio Space

You can count on the musical professionals at Elf Corps Studio to bring your musical dreams to life. We offer music lessons and time tested advice on band formation, songwriting, rehearsing and recording.

Music Lessons

Elf Corps Studio is dedicated to helping all musicians along their musical journey. We provide music lessons for electric and acoustic guitars, trumpet and theory. Our students range from 10 years old to adult, and our proven teaching methods will get you playing in just a few lessons. Whether you're hoping to be a star or you just want to learn enough to play along with your favorite songs, we can help you get there.

Young Boy Smiling With Electric Guitar

Studio Guidelines

Instructional lessons are 30 minutes each. Please be considerate of other students and arrive on time for your lesson. You must give 24 hours' notice if you are going to miss a lesson. Make-up lessons may be arranged during the week as time slots open up.

Our Lesson Space

Our new lesson space is still being built. Check back for updates.