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Music Lessons & Rehearsal Space

You can count on the music professionals at Elf Corps Studios to bring your musical dreams to life. We offer music lessons, rehearsing space, and so much more to help you learn an instrument, record, meet a band, and even record your demo.

Music Lessons

Elf Corps Studios is dedicated to helping beginning musicians get started along their musical journey. We provide music lessons for both electric and acoustic guitars and electric bass. Our students range from 10 years old to adult, and our proven teaching methods will get you playing in just a few lessons. Whether you're hoping to be a rock star or you just want to learn enough to strum along with your favorite songs, we can help you get there. Before you know it, you'll be playing music.

Once you've developed some skills, we'll encourage you to suggest your favorite tunes. With your suggestions, we'll print out the tablature for those songs and you can start playing the songs you love. It's important for students to commit to practicing their instrument, and this helps keep their focus. Only through repetition does the beginner acquire the skills necessary to play their guitar or bass — or any other instrument.

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Studio Guidelines

Instructional lessons are 30 minutes each. Please be considerate of other students and arrive on time for your lesson. You must give 24 hours' notice if you are going to miss a lesson. Make-up lessons may be arranged during the week as time slots open up.

Our Lesson Space

Our lesson room is a comfortable 15 x 15 space. We provide music stands, cables, and cords, amplifiers, chairs and everything else needed for the student. Just bring your instrument and lesson materials, such as books, printouts, and music.

Live Band

Band & Rehearsal Space

There is nothing like playing with other musicians — it's fun and boosts your creativity, and it can lead you to new musical ideas and sounds. In addition to providing rehearsal space for your band, we can also help with songwriting and providing studio musicians.

The small room is 15 × 15 feet and available for rent on an hourly basis. This room is perfect for small groups of up to 5 musicians including vocalists, singer-songwriters, duets, and individual practice. The sound is tight and the room is cozy.

The large room is 30 x 40 feet and available for rent on an ongoing or monthly basis. The room can accommodate up to 10-piece bands, has comfortable sofa seating for guests or breaks, and can be set up to record videos or to present a showcase to interested managers or promoters. Both rooms come with PA system, bass, and guitar amplifiers, drum sets, and microphones. Colored lights add to the great atmosphere.


We all suffer from writer's block occasionally. You can't get a single line of lyrics to fit right, or the song you're working on just lacks that special something. Maybe you can't find the right bridge for that new pop tune you're trying to finish. Every creative artist goes through periods of great creativity and idea voids. When you get to one of your lows, Elf Corps Studios will be there to help.

With more than 30 proven techniques and strategies at our disposal, we can help you get your tunes flowing again. Some strategies are straightforward, while others are more oblique. If you're interested, we can change your direction from a downward spiral to a rising crescendo with a snap of our fingers. Before you know it, you'll have that song not only finished, but soaring to the top of the charts.

Studio Musicians

Elf Corps Studios has access to our own studio musicians. Contact us for information about arranging our studio musicians to play on your recording.

Our Rates & Fees

We charge competitive and reasonable rates for our services. We want to ensure as many people as possible have the ability to pursue their musical goals on their own terms. You'll find our rates below.

Lifting Guitar

Music Lessons

$35 Per 30 Minute Lesson
Single Student

$50 Per 30 Minute Lesson
Two Students

$60 Per 60 Minute Lesson
Single Student

Rehearsal Space

$30 Per Hour
Subject To a 3-Hour Minimum

Monthly Rates

Our monthly rates start at $30 per hour, but can vary based on days. Depending on your scheduled days, times, and how often you book the room, rates may be higher or lower.