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So, you want to be a rock star? You want to learn to play like the pros?

Or, do you just want to learn to strum along with some of your favorite songs?

After you develop some skills, you’ll be encouraged to bring in your iPod or Smartphone with your favorite tunes. We’ll print out the tabs and you can start playing the songs you love.

We’ll get you on your way at Elf Corps Studios and before you know it, you’ll be playing music!!

It is important for students to make a commitment to practice their instrument.

Only through repetition does the beginner acquire the skills necessary to play a musical instrument, be it guitar, bass, drums, piano, saxophone, etc.


The Elf Corps Studio teaching method stresses learning to read musical notation and tablature with an additional focus on performance techniques.

We encourage students to continue playing when they make a mistake, instead of stopping and trying to correct the mistake. Our mantra is: If you mess up, catch up. This gets students to realize right from the outset that they must keep pace with the music, as they will be performing with other musicians who will not stop at that particular mistake.

We teach students how to learn music. We give them specific tools they can use to learn any piece of music, no matter how difficult it is. The student can use these learning principles and techniques long after they leave the studio atmosphere.

Students are given conditioning and strength exercises to keep fingers limber and stretched so they are able to play for long periods of time without pain.

Students are also given “pop quizzes” from time to time, to encourage them to refresh older material so they don’t forget early lessons.

We encourage students to make all of the mistakes they need to make when learning new material. Once all the mistakes are made and out of the way, they can then play the material any time they want to.

We stress that students need only learn something once….after that, they can just play it. Our other mantra is: It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to learn something – you only have to learn it once.

We realize each student is different and there are many different learning styles. And, depending upon the amount of practice they get between lessons, some students progress faster than others. We don’t believe that in week 5, every student should be on lesson 5. Some may be stuck on lesson 2 and others may be at lesson 9.

We start with basic material, and develop an individual lesson plan based upon student characteristics.


Elf Corps Studio Advantages

Compare Elf Corps Studio GUITAR & BASS LESSONS to a typical music store


Typical Music Store

Elf Corps Studio


Space 5 x 6 room 14 x 15 room Student has more freedom of movement, does not feel cramped and allows for creativity.
Lesson Material Student must learn lesson material before moving on. Lesson material is used as a basis for learning how to learn. Student can begin teaching themselves new music at any time, and often do just that.
Technique Proper instrument techniques are stressed. Performance techniques are stressed. Student learns proper instrument technique AND learns to get through music without stopping.
Other Instruments as Part of Lesson Not typically provided. Use of bass guitar, keyboard and drums augment musical studies as appropriate. Students learn how their chosen instrument fits with other instruments in a band setting
Noise Level Other students and instruments in adjoining rooms. Only one lesson is given for any one time slot. Student is not competing with other instruments or getting distracted by other students, customers or outside noises.
Lesson Day/Time Usually tied to one day/time. Selected day/time can be rearranged to fit needs of students and families. Allows student to attend family events, tend to school work and still get a lesson that week.