Clinics & Workshops

Acoustic Guitar Strumming

Examples of different strumming and picking methods for acoustic guitar

Amped Up!

Pointers are given to electric guitar students as it relates to amplifiers and processing effects for the guitar


Students learn how the acoustic or electric guitar relates to the Bass in a small band setting

Gimme Some Skins

Drums are introduced as part of a band with emphasis on how the guitar, bass and drums play off each other

Guitar & Bass Care

Students learn how to care for their guitar or bass to prolong the useful life of the instrument


Caring for and changing strings is the focus of this clinic


Students learn how to tune their instrument to other instruments – another guitar or bass, piano and keyboard synthesizer.
Alternate tunings are introduced and explored.

Internet Resources

A listing of guitar related web sites is given to the students – lessons, exercises, gear, tabs, songs, chord charts