About Us


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Elf Corps Studios was founded in 2005 to serve musicians, young and old, beginning on their musical journey.

We Provide

Music lessons – electric & acoustic guitar, electric bass and drums – from age 10 to adult.

Our proven teaching methods will get you playing music in just a short time.

Our lessons are augmented with other instruments where you learn more about your instrument and how it fits in a typical band setting.

We can also give you a chance to show off your skills early on with recitals and home concerts.

Our Mission

To help beginning musicians every step of the way through your musical journey, from basic instruction, demo CD recording, providing sound equipment for performances and collaboration with songwriting and band formation.

Our Goal

To be a part of producing the next generation of musical artists with a solid background of instruction, recording experience, professional sound equipment and musical collaboration.

Our Commitment

To young and old beginners alike, you will be reading music and applying theory in your everyday playing. We will send you well on your way to higher levels of musical enjoyment and preparation for further study.